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New news: Top poster and chatbox installed. Black_Moon cannot be a tester for 1 week for personal reasons, we hope to welcome him back soon. Yuseifudo33, Mino and SpiTFire96 are making a Youtube Acc for the team duels and deck reviews etc TEAM HAM: Team Fairy Tail 2, pass 1234 STAFF: Admin: Spitfire, King, Yusei Testers: Mino, Black_Moon GFX Will be completed By Yusei and MysterGFXer [Mostly Myster] Please all members recruit as much as you can Thank you everyone, Spitfire
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Mino's Testing Rubric

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Mino's Testing Rubric

Post by Mino on Wed Apr 07, 2010 1:57 pm

This is the testing rubric I will be using to test recruits. So if you are tested by me, then follow this rubric. All the testers here will follow something along these lines with some deviations.

Deck Build (?/10):
This is the amount of points a Testee gets for beating a Tester's deck as well as points for creativity and new ideas that you've put into older decks. Do not Netdeck!! We want to see an original deck that you, the Testee have made yourself, not someone else's.
Grading Scale:
2-0 Testee Win : 10/10
2-1 Testee Win : 8-9/10

If the Tester wins, he decides what grade should be given depending on the plays made by the Testee and how well the deck was made.

Awareness (?/10):
This is the points a Testee gets for being aware of the timings of card effects (Ex: Gold Sarcophagus).Also, shuffling the deck, sending a card to the graveyard, etc are also incorporated here. If a Testee miss the timing of an effect, such as milling the cards with Lyla, Lightsworn Sorceress, he/she will be docked points.
Grading Scale:
No Mistakes : 10/10
1 Mistakes : 9/10
2 Mistakes : 8/10
3 or More Mistakes:
By considering the severity of mistakes, the Tester will give a score between 0/10 and 6/10.

Gameplay Knowledge (?/10):
This is a test of your knowledge of game mechanics such as chains, priority, and timing. For example, if Debris Dragon and Dandylion are used to synchro summon Black Rose Dragon, and its controller uses its effect to bomb the field, does Black Rose Dragon's effect chain to Dandylion's so that the controller of Dandylion gets the tokens from its effect?
No Mistakes : 10/10
1 Mistakes : 9/10
2 Mistakes : 8/10
3 or More Mistakes:
By considering the severity of mistakes, the Tester will give a score between 0/10 and 6/10.

Playstyle (?/10):
This tests whether or not you know to be aggressive when you should be, defensive when you should be, etc. Also this incorporates the use of your cards. Cards like Gorz, Tragodia, etc can be real game changers if played well. This is to see if the Testee knows how to play his cards so that they are put to their best possible respective uses.

~Note to Testee:
Testers will not correct your mistakes. If you see yourself make a mistake, try to correct it before making another move and we may let it go. We recommend that Testee's take their time and think their moves out so that you can have the best result possible.

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