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Dueling Stories

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Dueling Stories Empty Dueling Stories

Post by Guest Sat Apr 10, 2010 4:26 pm

This will be a fun topic where people can share how they started with their dueling careers Smile

I'll be first and tell you all my story. I was a little kid around 7 years old (dont remember, when the first anime came out is when i started to play). Anyway, i remember buying my first Yugi Structure Deck the day that my grandma died, so my parents could cheer me up. It was the Structure Deck with the original Dark Magician artwork, and I instantly loved the game. I became obsessed with it. Was never a pro since my parents didn't want to spend that money for Yu-Gi-Oh so i was just a kid playing for fun. After the first YGO Series though, i quit, and i quit for good (or so i thought). One day going across YouTube i saw a video in the "videos being watched now" section, and i saw the final episode of the original YGO which i never saw before. After that (this was around November or December 2009), i was searching for a free online YGO game that i could download, and thats when i came across KCVDS. Obviously i was thrilled to find something like this so right when i download it, i make a deck. I tried to copy my old deck that i used, with Jinzo and Dark Magician and all those noob monsters. It was a 60 card deck in December 2009, and then in the traditional lobby i was dueling someone with Gladiator Beasts. He told me to join DAD academy, which I did. I went in all confident with this noob Zombie deck my friend made for me. I thought i would make Ra if i was really unlucky (u know being an advanced lobby noob isnt that great).

Anyway back to getting into DAD Academy. I join, and I already had a hamachi. So i got a download link and got that too. Anyway...i join the DAD testing HAM i believe this was in Febuary, and whose my tester you ask?? Kiryu111....yeah Kiryu. I go into the test insanely confident knowing that I beat people in the advanced lobby all the time, but now dueling Kiryu, a true pro in the game, made me realize i have A LOT to learn. I got into Slifer in February with a very low score (Spit Knows). Next month i take a retest with Stardust Dragon and i get advanced to Ra Yellow Dorm...which i liked, Ra was a nice dorm but i had my mind set on Obelisk for some reason.

2 weeks later since i was active on DAD they gave me a retest wtih Tarantilla, which i failed and remained in Ra. Then another 2 weeks later they gave me another retest. I love the test duel 2-1 to Tarantilla, but he put me in Obelisk anyways saying "you didn't even misplay once." And now here I am today. An FT Admin, Obelisk in 3 different academies, and i've met some amazing people along the way Smile

People to Thank:

Whoever that was in traditional lobby who showed me DAD Academy, if it wasnt for him i wouldnt be nearly was decent as i am today.

Spitfire96. Good friend of mine from the start. I loved dueling him and now we are teammates Smile thanks a lot Spitty, you rock bro!

Dark_Armed_Dragon. He supported me throughout my journy in DAD Academy. Always helped me with anything i had and hes just a cool guy.

Mino. Great duelist, great person, glad to have met him and glad we are now teammates Smile

Kiryu111. My "teacher" if i may say that. I went to him for adivce right when i became an Obelisk and he said he would help me improve. So thank you Kiryu for being there for me and helping me Smile

Sam Tisdale. Always there for me, helped my with rulings and hes just a great guy Very Happy

And far most Thank You to everyone on the Fairy Tail Team. You guys are the best and coolest online duelists and people ive met, so thank you and i hope we can stay here in FT for a long time Smile

Well sorry for making it long, the list of thank you's would keep going on and on but ill just cut it short there. I know you got bored reading that, so sorry xD haha Razz

Share your Dueling Story with us and how you ended up on KCVDS!!!!!


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Dueling Stories Empty Re: Dueling Stories

Post by SpiTFire96 Sun Apr 11, 2010 3:58 am

Haha nice one King. Ok Lets go with my one now

I was like 5 when i started. Got 3 packs. Super Poly, Ultra Monster Reborn and Super Dark hole [EPIC PULLS!]

Then i got some structure decks etc and built up a deck.

I didnt know the rules at all [I was 5]

Eventually i picked up on dueling rules etc [This wasnt so long ago, i was around 10 when i became good]

Then i stopped for a while cause it got unpopular. Then when i came back the format was way too expensive. So i thought of using Yugioh Duel Evolution [Online yugioh thing] But it costs money so i tried cheating the system by figuring out how to do it for free, but ofc tht wont work.

So when i was searching for yugioh online dueling for free KCVDS 1.13 came up. Joined it etc. Built My chimeratech OTK [Thats what people even in 1.22 remember me by using]. Dueled Adv noobs. Always won.

Then i needed to download KCVDS 1.16 and i searched on google. Saw a topic in DAD academy and somehow joined

Then in DAD i was a complete noob. Got thrased in my test but was 1 point away from ra :'(.

Then i got like 2 warnings in one day for spam XD. I didnt really know what spam and trolling was back then XP.

Then i was lucky enough to enter the slifer tournament as a l8 entry cause someone quit.

Won all my duels in the tournament 2-0. Then came the finals, wow didnt think i would have gotten so far. I thought i may as well take the runner up prize and give it up. But i thought i would duel anyway. Did duel and i won 2-0! XD

It was amazing. Being a dorm leader was the only thing tht kept me active in DAD. Since then alot has happened.

Now here is the lowpoint i wish to talk about, GT.

Where do i start about Gadget team.... Well somehow i joined GT I forget how.

Then they got rid of my acc for no reason. Then the owner begged me back. I came back became mod and then i left to join Natsu And Yuseifudo33 for FT.

Then the owner of FT being so stupid said he would let my acc go inactive he wont get rid of it. So guess what happened!? Someone logged in as me and tried to destroy GT. Now in GT I am satan incarnate except for very few people who believe me.

Then i was an FT Co owner. And for some reason natsu quit. So he deleted my account so i can use his owner account blah blah blah.

Now i own a KC Team, admin in academies. Dorm leader in DAD. I can call that a success story for an ADV Noob ^_^

Now then. Who to thank

KingMP94: Where can i start about this pot smoking violent b'tard XD. Jking.
Wow where do i start about him. Well when i recruited him to GT i got mod spot. Then when i left he was the only person who believed that i didnt try to destroy GT. Then i recruited him to FT when i owned it.

He was a very good duelist so i gave him tester spot . Then he was our best recruiter getting pretty much most of our member. Then i made him Admin. Then after he got Mino And Berkay I decided that he is the co owner

The dude is awesome for joining and he deserves more thanks here then i do.

He is always here for me and is such a cool dude I OWE U 1 DUDE!!!!! >.<

Dr Jackal: He mightnt be on the team and all of u mightnt know him. He was a DAD mod who gave me a break on DAD by removing my warnings tht i started with ^_^. The dude is one of my best friends and an awesome awesome dude.

Sam_Tisdale: Haha Samuel crazy mofo, gr8 guy

The_Dutch_Prince: One of my other best friends online, back when he was ra dorm leader and i was slifer dorm leader and Tenjoin Fubuki was obelisk leader blah blah blah all 3 of us were such good friends. Since then TDP has become very popular becoming an admin in most academies XD. Dude is awesome

EVERYONE IN FT!: U people.... hahah u people are the reason i still do this shit [Pardon my language] *sigh* All u people are amazing and i couldnt have asked for better members. I need to really thank the following members:



Who else should i thank

Dark_Armed_Dragon: The Pimp in the admin brothel XD. Wow this guy is this dude admin everywhere or is it me? Awesome friend and dude in general. Gr8 duelist and gr8 person

Kiryu111: Hahaha No comment [Wont say anything horrible about him (True feelings Razz) cause of King here XD].

Dude Gives me a job as slifer leader XD.

Emm I cant think of anyone else. Too many people to write down XD.

Thanks everyone in FT if u are still reading this it means u havent ANYTHING else to do.... Why are you still reading this its over XD?!

Ok thats my story

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Dueling Stories Empty Re: Dueling Stories

Post by Mirorin Sun Apr 11, 2010 5:19 am

Hehe, interesting stories you got there xD.
As for me, well... long ago xD in a galaxy far far away... nah wrong story ;D, anyway I don't know how many years I`ve been interested in YGO, I remember that I first watched it on a German TV channel then YGO came in Bulgaria ^^", it got popular pretty fast, before the fake cards shown in the shops some of my friends and I made a funny cards from pasteboard xD, well the cards were only a name and some ATK and DEF points xD but it was an epic fail x3, it's normal `cause none knew the rules ^^". After the fakes shown in the shops and we already knew the basic rules, we started to play more often x). Then I got I-net at home and checked for some YGO online games. Then I found a bulgarian forum for YGO and I found there how to play PoC with hamachi so I started to play in the net x3. There was also teams back then but in the end, the only good team got hated by most of the forum's users ^^". They tried to get rid of us but... let's say they got totally hacked and had to redo most of the things xD, well... they got hacked by us two more times If I don't mistake ^^", anyway it's a long and boring story. After this I found KCVDS 1.13 I think or something like that xD an early version of the game, I always have been playing alone or with some friends (real life friends =P). Then not long ago, 2 months ago, a friend gave me link for DA and I joined. Got placed in Ra. I don't care for ranks and stuff I just joined to play vs interesting people `cause I got bored to play vs unknown noobs. After I`ve joined some hamachi networks I played with King and asked me if I want to join a team. Normally I like to do stuff alone but I decided to make and exception and join FT. So here I am in FT =). As for someone to thank, well... I don't know ^^", I learned most of the things by myself without someone's help xD, but probably thanks for the fun from the duels vs you guys =), I won't say any names `cause I may pass someone xD.

Well I skipped a lot of things but... it would become too long ^^" and this is the basic story, more or less =)
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Dueling Stories Empty Re: Dueling Stories

Post by helma Mon May 17, 2010 4:05 am

The Remains of the Day is inhabited by a single narrator, Stevens. Having served one Lord Darlington of Darlington Hall for well over thirty years, Stevens has since the death of Lord Darlington been in the service of Darlington Hall's new owner, an American named Farraday. As Stevens progresses on his motoring trip, we come to know him and his style very well, and indeed to enjoy that style. In and of themselves, Stevens' use of language and the manner in which he relates both his current motoring holiday and events from his past serve to reinforce the reader's feeling that he is a genuinely likable, humble, happy individual engaged reviewing his past with a harmless sense of nostalgia. Stevens' language is such that the reader comes to view him in the same manner in which he views himself, an utterly professional and reserved English manservant. Part of the cited passage reads, "I led Dr Meredith downstairs, showed him into the billiard room, then returned quickly to the smoking room where the atmosphere, if anything, had grown more convivial" (109). Such language is typical of Stevens, whose memories are related in a consistent and even manner. The reader realizes that the circumstances portrayed are Stevens's recollections of them, but comes largely to accept them as uncolored owing to Stevens' seemingly impeccable relation of them in his self-deprecating, reserved manner of speaking and narrating.
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Dueling Stories Empty Re: Dueling Stories

Post by newgold Sat Nov 27, 2010 5:49 pm

now here I am today. An FT Admin, Obelisk in 3 different academies, and i've met some amazing people along the way
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Dueling Stories Empty Re: Dueling Stories

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