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Test Results (guide and rubric)

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Test Results (guide and rubric) Empty Test Results (guide and rubric)

Post by Guest Tue Mar 23, 2010 11:13 am

After your test is complete, whoever your tester was will post your results here. The grading marks go like this:

Deck Build: ?/10 - Your tester will determine what deck it is and how well it was build. No one likes netdeckers, so please use your OWN version of your playing deck. If a tester feels like your deck build isnt good enough and gives you a low score, dont complain about it. Testers are called TESTERS for a reason. They are pros at this game and know how to decide whether your deck is a good build or not.

Dueling Style: ?/10 - Once again a very significant part of a duelist, their style. Once again if your tester feels your dueling style is poor, dont argue. We know what we're doing. Never think we give unfair test scores. You get what you deserve.

Use of Cards: ?/20 - The most important part, the use of your cards. This is the biggest part of the test, so make sure you use a deck you're familiar with. Not only does it count as the most points in the test, but it is the hardest to earn points on. So know what your doing and think before each and every move!

In order to make this team the current score you need is 30+. If you have a score of 28 or 29 we may reconsider and put you on the team if we feel like the duelist has potential. We do expect to be the best team out there and through this system i hope we can accomplish that.

~Side Note~
Whether its myself, Black_Moon, Spitfire96 or yuseifudo33, we all are pros at this game and we know if the the duelist we are testing has potential or not, so please don't make dumb excuses like "i had a bad hand both duels. if i had a good hand, i wouldve destroyed you!" Yeah, well as Tarantila says "You can only have a bad draw, from a bad deck" so dont complain to us that your hand was crap. If we give you last 4 turns then 1o/40+ cards in your dead draws. So dont complain and NEVER take anything personally, testers pass and fail, so dont take it personally on us if we fail you.

If you have failed a test but you really want to join FT, retests are every month and if we feel like you have improved your game that means you have potential and we MIGHT just accept you on the team.

Thank you for reading this if you read it and i hope it helps Smile


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