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IceClimberx17's Fairy Tail Admission Application.

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IceClimberx17's Fairy Tail Admission Application.

Post by IceClimberx17 on Tue Jul 06, 2010 3:37 pm

Yo. Here it is:

Name: IceClimberx17 [Vincint Strife.]
Age: 14 (Born on August 28th, 1995.)
KCVDS Name: IceClimberx17
Hamachi Name: IceClimberx17
Dueling Strength: Field Advantage. (Special Summoning All the Time.)
Dueling Weakness: Negating Special Summons and their Effs. (Example: Royal Oppression, Skill Drain, etc.)
Personal Dueling Assesment: I'd Give myself a 7/10. Not all of Us are Perfect. I can duel, but what I lack is my time of thinking. I just play my cards to win. I dont think of my opponent's move. And I Hope to overcome this Issue.
Academies: (Click on the Names of the Academy for the Link.)
Advanced Duel Academy (Slifer Red) (Usually Active.)
Turbo Duel Academy (Wiroqocha Rasca Violet) (Barely Active.)
Toon World Academy (Shining Dorm)(Usually Active)
Dark Armed Dragon Academy (Not Ranked, Never Active.) (Link Is Not Given for the Reason of Inactivity.)
Duel Kings Academy (Not Ranked, Never Active.) (Link is Not Given for the Reason of Inactivity.)

Reason for Admission Request. Even though this was not in the Application, I will put it anyways for those who want to know my goal. My ultimate goal is to be a Role Model for all those KCVDS Duelists. I am a great duelist. But Not Good enough. I am hoping to improve and help others. Even so I can lose and bring down lots of loss in wars, Im going to do my best to help this team get to the top. And this Team will help me get to the top as well. I hope my goal is achieved in my bitter end.


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Fairy Tail Applicant

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