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New news: Top poster and chatbox installed. Black_Moon cannot be a tester for 1 week for personal reasons, we hope to welcome him back soon. Yuseifudo33, Mino and SpiTFire96 are making a Youtube Acc for the team duels and deck reviews etc TEAM HAM: Team Fairy Tail 2, pass 1234 STAFF: Admin: Spitfire, King, Yusei Testers: Mino, Black_Moon GFX Will be completed By Yusei and MysterGFXer [Mostly Myster] Please all members recruit as much as you can Thank you everyone, Spitfire
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Fairy Tail's Rules

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Fairy Tail's Rules Empty Fairy Tail's Rules

Post by SpiTFire96 Fri Mar 12, 2010 8:25 pm

Please read the rules and FOLLOW them and one note.
Fairy Tail Applicants may only post in the Application/Testing Thread anywhere else and youll be issued a warning.

Rule 1) No Spam spamming is a big problem in most forums an example in spamming:
"Lol nice" or double posting and posting anything thats not irrelavent.

Rule 2) Respect Please respect all staff members and fellow team members.

Rule 3) No swearing, racism or abuse.

Rule 4) No Pornographic material.
(Could result in an instant ban)

Rule 5) If there is an arguement don't complain to an admin we will only interupt if it gets out of hand on a large scale.

Rule 6) Have fun which in my opinion is there easiest rule
Very Happy

All rule breaking will be taken into account by the moderators and admins and depending on the scale of it is what your punishment will be.

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